QRcard is the innovative way to instantaneously share your contact details with a digital business card. Customize the information you want to exchange, create your personalized QR code, then easily share your contact information with new connections!

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QRcard stores your contact details in a personalized QR code - like a digital business card!


Create a lock-screen image with your personal QR Code


Select a color for your personal QRcard

Multiple QRcards

Decide what information you share and with who by creating multiple QRcards


Your data is encrypted and stored locally on your device

1. Create a customized contact card tailored to your needs

decide the information you want to share quickly - like your phone number, email, website, address, and/or social media (instagram, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) - then store it in your personalized QRcard.

2. Meet, Scan, Connect with your QRcard

to ensure smooth social exchanges. How does it work? On iPhones you can use your camera app (iOS 11+). Most android manufacurers also support QR Code scanning through the camera app.

Your #QRlockscreen

design a lock-screen image with your QRcard barcode for convienent accessability - so you never miss an opportunity to connect.

Multiple cards

create up to 6 QRcard personas! This helps you separate business from personal contacts. You're in control of which information you share with whom.

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