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QRcard is the innovative way to instantaneously share your contact details with a digital business card. Customize the information you want to exchange, create your personalized QR Code, then easily share your contact information with new connections!

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Your digital business card

QRcard stores all your contact details in a personalized QR Code.

Sharing has never been easier

Anyone with a smartphone can scan your QRcard to keep in touch!

Get rid of those paper cards

Finally you can stop ordering printed cards - which is good for both you and the environment.

Make it your own

Personalize your card design to make it a perfect fit for you or your business.

Works offline

No internet connection is required to share your card.

Your data is secure

All data is encrypted and stored locally on your device.

Add it to your lockscreen

Create a lockscreen image with your personal QR Code for even faster access.

For every occasion

Having multiple cards makes it easier to share exactly the contact details your want.

How does it work?

Questions? Check out our FAQs!


$ 0
up to 3 contact details
create #QRlockscreens
"Created with QRcard" note
iOS & Android
Premium Version
In-App Purchase
$ 2.99*
one time payment
unlimited contact details
create #QRlockscreens
optional "Created with QRcard" note
iOS & Android
get additional cards
QRcard Premium
Standalone App
$ 2.99*
one time payment
unlimited contact details
create QRlockscreens
optional "Created with QRcard" note
iOS only
best MDM support
* price in the US App Store
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QRcard Premium

To fully integrate Mobile Device Management (MDM) on iOS we released a separate premium version that does not require in-app purchases. Read more about MDM

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AppStore reviews

5.0 • 20 Ratings
Super easy and effective!

I saw this at a conference, and I set it up in less than five minutes. Works extremely well, simple yet effective.

- bert717171

Perfect for meeting new people

For someone who’s germaphobic, this is a lifesaver! It’s great to use for meeting new friends at a distance

- F$li

Business Card Qrcade

I installed the app and immediately attached it to my documents. I find it helpful to give out instead of the actual cards by using smartphones and photo bar code recognition to depict my information. It simple and has other good features as storing contact.

- Omega Five

Questions? Check out our FAQs!