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Freqently Asked Questions

Can analytics be pulled from users?

No, all data is stored securely on the device - no network requests are made.

How can I customise my QRcard?

You can set your card’s background color by flipping the card and tapping select color in the lower section of the form.

You can select a preset color, adjust it by using the color wheel and even provide a hex code to use exactly the color you want.

How can I restore my purchases?

Go to the last page of your QRcard app. Your Premium Version should show up automatically. If you have additional cards it should say “Restore” on the Button

How do I scan the QR Code?

iPhone Users can use their normal camera to scan the QR Code (since iOS 11)

On most android phones you can use your normal camera. If you experience any issues use the app QR & Barcode Scanner instead.

Why does my new friend not get all my contact information?

iOS: please update to iOS 11 or later and use the camera app

Android: Most Android devices (except for Samsung) are not able to read and store multiple URLs or addresses from a QR Code. That’s why URLs, Social Media Profiles are also stored as a ‘Remark’.

  • Google Lense: If the QRCode is scanned through Google Lens only 1 URL or 1 Social Media Profile and only 1 Address can be stored unfortunately, there is not much we can do about this right now.

You can use the app QR & Barcode Scanner instead of the normal camera

Why is my phone number not formatted?

Please enter your phone number including your country-code. e.g. +12133734253

Premium or Regular Version??

iOSVersion: 1.3.0

Staring with version 1.3.0 you’ll find a second version of QRcard in the App Store: QRcard Premium. It contains all the features you’d get with the regular App, plus those unlocked with the Premium In-App purchase. QRcard Premimum is intended to be used by companies who want to deliver the app to their employees. As a non-business user, keep using the regular version.

Highlights of the premium version:

It has the following limitations:

  • No In-App Purchases (e.g. additional cards) are available.

Where is my personal data stored?

Your data is stored locally on your device. Encrypted.

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